zipstick release

I uploaded something to Actually I downloaded something onto it and uploaded something from it because it’s a host for files with an interface that becomes active as you put your stick in the topmounted usb port. So head over to wherever zipstick is located, grab your USBstick from you keychain (you should have one on your keychain if you haven’t lost your keys since 2006) and grab some nice releases while you are there. Besides the (obvious choice if you’re into┬ácomputed glitch stuff) I’d recommend “SURF” for easy listening and “” for the excellent DD#12_B track filed under groovy broken guitar tunes I guess. More kapotski here.

on the kaotec side: the software used for the CA-tracks is homemade and on the release. pure data and probably unstable… go grab it and enjoy


Although usually not really my style, lo-fi electronified hip-hop like this can tickle my brain. Cut-up jazzy rhythms and some glitches sounding overcompressed for a 192kbs MP3 file. Strange 8bit sounds with samples from a past era. It somehow works…

This excellent piece released on miasmah can be downloaded from the archive page. While clicking… also check out tuulanauhat, earkus’ own label, where this can be bought on vinyl.