animata has been ported to flash

Today I read a message on the animata list that a port to flash has been made. Although the author claims it’s rudimentary, it works, there’s a demo here. Animata can be used for all kinds of fun stuff, has OSC support to animate the bones and is uncomplicated but works. I like it. This port could be an interesting step: embedding animata experiences into webpages making it possible to reach a wider audience.


APC update

I hardly have time lately to code anything at home. I just dusted of the APC and I made slight progress going almost no sound to some sound…

That is in “dongle” mode. In stand alone mode it works fine. I even added a set of capacitors so you can switch between several sorts of sounds and a light sensitive resistor for that look-without-touching-I-can-play-this-APC-touch

I was successful in attaching it to the computer with the regular standard arduino’s + firmata and playing it from
puredata.But this is an arduino pro mini (5v 16Mhz, from sparkfun). Apparently firmata isn’t entirely the same on these mini’s. Although Since arduino 0017 I can connect and send data, it’s not without errors. First of all

[arduino]_WARNING_currently_unsupported: 176
[arduino]_WARNING_currently_unsupported: 160
[arduino]_WARNING_currently_unsupported: 176

Is what I see when I try to run the pd patch. lot’s of those, thousands…

Another weird thing is that even though pin 13 is unconnected on the arduino, It’s the only pin that seems to work. I really don’t get it. Is there some sort of different mapping? normally only pin 9-10-11 are supposed to work.

any ideas anyone?

PD filters I need to code

In order to make interesting music, I need some help from my computer. That is my instrument. I’m a terrible singer, and not a very good musician either. I’m mostly a passive musician. So whenever I hear music I look for patterns I like and how they are achieved. some thoughts below and some easy-to-program filters I would like to implement in my modular instrument setup for when I become a more active musician:

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run OSX apps fullscreen

some apps (like blender) just need to be without the OSX menu bar

this is how (copy-pasted from

I’ve always wanted an preference pane that would show and hide the dock based on which app is in the foreground. This simple plist hack does the same thing on a per-app basis. To hack an app so that when it’s active, the menubar and dock are hidden, you need to find its info.plist file. Control-click on the program in question, choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu, and then navigate into the Contents folder.

Once there, add the following to the file:


Be sure that it goes in alphabetical order, otherwise it won’t work (i.e. LSUIPresentationMode goes after LSMinimumSystemVersion but before NSAppleScriptEnabled). Save the file and enjoy.

[robg adds: You should work on a copy of the app, obviously, in case you make a mistake. I tested this with a copy of Stickies, and it worked great. If you’re using Property List Editor (part of the Developer Tools), you don’t need to worry about the order; just add a new Child to Root, and it works.

Note that the menubar is not completely gone, it’s just hidden, like the dock. Move your mouse up to the top of the screen, and the menubar drops down. You can read about the various LSUIPresentationMode options in this section of Apple’s Runtime Configuration Guidelines.

trying to get working eyesweb on OSX

It’s  a pity that ah great package like eyesweb only exists for Windows…

  1. compile wine for OSX
  2. install winetricks (fink install winetricks)
  3. run winetricks
  4. install directx from winetricks
  5. install gdiplus from winetricks
  6. notice spaces in paths are badly escaped in winetrics (you can skip this step 🙂
  7. just copy gdiplus.dll to wine_c-drive/windows/system32
  8. run eyesweb
  9. crash eyesweb every time you try to delete a part of a patch
  10. switch to OpenCV and processing which is truely opensource AND cross-platform/portable
  11. ditch eyesweb (which really runs on the wrong platform, but is great software)

old time internet radio shows

I recently redeiscovered two long standing radioshows!

The first  one radio OK fred is a bi-monthly show from the other side of the globe offering an inside (japanese) perspective on all kinds of music. The Show is mainly in English, with some Japanese now and then. You can download or stream, playlists are on mail request

Bruce Wang radio show is no longer updated, but the archive got a new page since last time I checked. Bruce Wang can mix The Pixies and Vangelis and a lot more interesting names in one mix… Radioshow and mixes, worth your time!


Although usually not really my style, lo-fi electronified hip-hop like this can tickle my brain. Cut-up jazzy rhythms and some glitches sounding overcompressed for a 192kbs MP3 file. Strange 8bit sounds with samples from a past era. It somehow works…

This excellent piece released on miasmah can be downloaded from the archive page. While clicking… also check out tuulanauhat, earkus’ own label, where this can be bought on vinyl.

Arduino controlled APC

I pimped an ordinary Atari Punk Console with some extra LEDs , a light sensitive resistor and … an arduino. It’s still a build in progress, I will have some pics up soon, but it WORKS.

I had some basic arduino sketch running, and I was fiddling with the pins on the 556 when suddenly a sound occurred. I was reproducible and so the synth was born.
I’m now working on the software which will either firmata/pduino or midi if I get the midi-in working. A third option is the netshield and puchabe.

I’ll keep you posted…

3D lcd screen

physorg has some (old) news about a 3D LCD screen. They claim it’s 3D so it has to use lecticular system to deliver seperate image to both eyes. On the other hand they say it uses two LCD screens which are then projected. This would be good as this way you would not notice any interlacing.  I have a hard time imagining it from this rather vague description and KDDI doens’t seem to have link on their site. KDDI is serious about R&D though…